Hirkalla's Viceroy

After the great Nihaz left his daughter, Hirkalla, to rule Sarnaut and look after its people, much has changed in our world. The dead came to life and flooded the allods, while the Great Mages, who once kept their islands from dissolving into the astral plane, are now looking for ways to unite the world under the leadership of our ruler.
Not everyone accepted these new rules. The deceitful Klavdia, the sister of our Mistress, has hid in the timelines of the past and the future, and now harms our common cause. Therefore, our Darkest Mistress cannot trust just anyone, so she is looking for the most faithful and devoted. Among them is your faithful servant - who has now become her voice, the viceroy in the League and the Empire.
I am instructed to convey her decrees, and you, heroes, are to diligently carry them out. For this you are entitled to a reward - special goods which, by the grace of our Mistress, you can purchase
from me.

Didn't expect that, did you, XXX? It's amazing how things turn out! Rags for some, riches for
others. And that's just the beginning - mark my word. Mistress Hirkala will shake up our whole world and rebuild it in her own way. Life will change for the better!
Especially for those who died a long time ago, hehe… Times are changing, XXX. They are changing.
From now on you will receive our ruler's decrees from me every day.
And acquire appropriate rewards - but the amount is limited, so choose wisely. Mistress loves order.

You can find the npc (Efar the Bragger) in Novograd, Nezebgrad, Suslanger, Eden and Wandering Island (Wandering Island daily quest is not open right now)

The Hirkalla quests are a set of weekly challenges that involve completing three daily quests to earn rewards. These quests rotate on a daily basis and include the Battle for Ambrosia, Storm in Suslanger, and Uroboros in Suslanger. To successfully complete these quests, you need to accumulate specific points.

Participating in these weekly quests is crucial, mainly because they offer valuable rewards such as T3 upgraders, Astralium Workpieces. Additionally, you can use the Hirkalla Currency you earn to purchase Draconic relics and artifacts. 

The reward for the weekly is: 

And for each daily: 

Battle for Ambrosia

You can easily find the event start times in the in-game calendar. This helpful tool will keep you informed about when various events, including the Hirkalla quests, are set to begin. So, don't forget to check the calendar for all the important timings!

Achieving 500 points might sound challenging, but there's a smart and efficient way to do it. When the event begins, head to either the western or eastern source and secure it. Defeat the approaching mobs and make sure to collect the seed when it reaches 100%. By holding onto the seed, you and nearby players will earn points every 10 seconds.

During the final minute of the seed, move it to the central location and plant it. This action also rewards you with additional points. Don't forget that traps and turrets can contribute to your point total as well. With this strategy, reaching the 500-point goal will be a breeze!

Storm in Suslanger

To successfully complete the Hirkalla quest during the Storm of Suslanger event, your aim should be to accumulate a minimum of 15 greed. This is essential for fulfilling the quest's requirements. 
If you're looking for guidance on how to accomplish this, I've created a video a few weeks ago specifically focused on the Storm event. 



To earn a respectable amount of Worm Hunter's Honor, it's crucial to be present right from the beginning of the event or, at the very least, arrive when Uroboros emerges from the depths. This will give you the best chance to accumulate at least 150 Worm Hunter's Honor.