Zombies are crawling around Yasker's Tower and the Elven Quarter. Astral Demons are not just a nightmare anymore. Gibberling children are already hiding under their little beds, and Orcs are carrying out ancient rituals and wearing garlic wreaths to scare the ghosts away.

Halloween is here in Sarnaut and you are late for the Monster's Ball - but wait...! How about riding there in style? Put on your Horrible Hat, hop onto your special Witch's Broom and speed off towards the ghastly fest!

The Holiday Committee NPC has the goods. Snag spooky costumes, bat pets, and a broomstick mount—all with anniversary platin coins. Ready to spook it up in Allods?

Items for your back (2 Platin)

Items for your head (2 Platin)

Pets (15 Platin)

Skeleton Costume (3 Platin)

Good and Evil (shoulder) 2 Platin

Animated Items for your back (2 Platin)

Quaint Cemetery Mask (2 Platin), female and male

Klobuk of the Latterday Witness (3 Platin), Sarnaut is on Fire

Witch's Broom (30 Platin)