Ever wondered about that Hero's Compass you drop after completing an astral allod? Well, wonder no more! You can snag those compasses for just a few gold at the Heroic NPC. No need to clutter your bag with them.


You can buy compasses also on your private allod:

Compass, rank  5:  50 Embrium
Compass, rank 10: 100 Embrium
Compass, rank 15: 150 Embrium

Compasses are like the harder version of astral allods, and you need a full group to tackle them. That's one tank, one support, and four DPS. If your group is new to this or facing tough bosses, bring someone who can switch to healing, just to be safe. Teamwork is the key to conquering these challenges!

Starting with a level 1 compass is like the beginner level. When you finish that astral allod, the loot chest at the last boss gives the leader and a random someone a level 2 compass. And the cycle continues—level 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and so on. It's like climbing a ladder, but in astral adventures!

The highest level of compass is 25 and each level you have less lives:

- Level 1: 25 lives - If you die 25 times, you leave the allod and lose the compass.

- Level 2: 24 lives

- Level 3: 23 lives

- ...

- Level 24: 2 lives

- Level 25: 1 life - A single death for anyone in your group means you're out.


On these hero's compasses you can loot insignias to get the % up on your gear. And the higher the compass the higher is the insignia.

Here's a summary of the insignia percentages based on the hero's compass levels:

- Levels 1-5: 103% insignia

- Levels 6-10: 106% insignia

- Levels 11-15: 109% insignia

- Levels 16-20: 112% insignia

- Levels 21-25: 115% insignia

Flying Compass

You can do also compasses by flying with your ship. This method allows for more control over your landing and potential avoidance of unwanted allods:

1. Using Astrolabe: Jump to the current layer with the astrolabe.

2. Scanner Check: If no allod is visible, scan for small allods and use the route-finder.

3. Strategic Landing: Fly to the desired allod to avoid unwanted ones.

4. Boss Rewards: Each boss provides treasuries with unbound Insignias, Ice Elixirs, gold, and ship parts.

5. Cargo Loading: Load the chests onto your ship.

6. Manual Return: Fly back to Novograd/Nezebgrad to loot the chests.

7. Debuff:  After leaving the allod, your ship gets a debuff, preventing astrolabe use for a specific time.

8. Anomaly Catch: Reduce the debuff timer by catching Unstable Anomaly while flying or wait it out.

There are 10 different allods that you can get random:

Copper Mountain
Duck River (last boss better with a healer)
Emerald isle
Fenia's Cloister (last boss better with a healer)
Lab 731 (most groups stop after first boss)
Land of Thousand Wings
Lumix Isle
Silent Whirlpool
Snowflake Resort

If you want to compete with other groups in the ranking list on the official homepage 

1. Competition Focus: To compete on the official ranking list, not only do you need to finish the highest compass, but speed matters.

2. Heroic Adventures & Flying Heroic Adventures: Two categories for competition—Heroic Adventures and Flying Heroic Adventures.

3. Season Rewards: At the end of the season, competitors receive auras, costumes, mount patterns, and toys.

4. Sellable Items: Auras and costumes obtained can be sold at any NPC for Monster Heads.

5. Monster Heads Usage: Monster Heads can be used to buy missing collection items or Ice Elixirs (God's Legacy).

If you are in the *Top Ranking* you get also:

Deal from NPC:

Deal from NPC :

On all boss fights you have that Spirit (son), keep him in long CC and do not attack, if he dies you receive 20% more dmg from mobs and bosses for the rest of the allod.

Deal with the NPC:

This deal helps you on first 3 bosses, but don't take it on higher compass, because the witch screwed you, the endboss will get all advantage buffs that you had on the first 3 😂

Deal with the NPC:

Helpful at last boss, by talking with npc, tank gets an add that heals him infight

Deal with the NPC:

If you take the deal short before the boss fight, then you have 3 min time till you die

Deal with the NPC:

Deal with the NPC:

By taking the deal you die! Most players use this Flask on last group before endboss to kill the dragon.

Deal with the NPC:

Deal with the NPC:

Deal with the NPC: